Best Practices For Managing And Maintaining Truck Fleet

Downtime is not an option for any kind of fleet, including truck fleets. In order to stay on schedule and keep the rubber on the road, leveraging data and managing efficiencies have to be at the core your fleet management strategy. Truck Fleet Management Solutions From light-duty to large big rigs, truck fleets often times […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on the South African Automotive Sector

Even prior to the pandemic, the automotive sector was already grappling with rapid disruption and change, this includes congested cities without proper infrastructure discouraging and hindering seamless and convenient car purchasing. On the other hand, technological development shifts toward embracing the battery elective vehicle power together with the rise of new players moving into the […]

Technology providing new solutions to modern mobility challenges

The main purpose of intelligent transport systems is to support communication between vehicles, road users and infrastructure. Over the years, transport has become essential for everyday life, however, ever-increasing road traffic has presented us with serious challenges when it comes to congestion, environmental impact and safety. At Letiway, we’re always asking ourselves what the future […]

Five trends that are most likely to define mobility post Covid-19

The evolving needs needs of individuals and businesses will fast-track digitally-enabled solutions. As we gradually emerge from lockdown, locally and globally, it is obvious that ways in which we used spend, consume, travel and work have changed radically. The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on our health and socio-economic well being, on the other […]

Reasons why you should consider leasing instead of buying

Leasing is increasingly becoming popular especially with companies and individuals looking for flexibility and hassle free deals. One of the reasons for this is being when you consider admin, price, resale and maintenance cost, leasing can be more flexible, cheaper and quicker than buying your own vehicles. You’ll only be required to pay a fixed […]